The 10 Best Places To Hide Presents

The 10 Best Places To Hide Presents

Whether it’s for birthdays, Christmas, or just for someone’s good report card, we all like buying gifts for the people we love. But what do you do when those people have prying eyes!? If you need help hiding presents from curious kids – or maybe even a suspicious spouse – then look no further. We’re here to help, with our list of the best places to hide presents.

Some of the places we list here are simple – others are a little wackier. But hey, get creative! It all depends on how far you need to go, to make sure your special something stays hidden. Let’s take a look at our 10 best hiding spots:

Under the bed

This one is the most classic hiding place there is – but also one of the first places people might think to look. So you need to tread carefully. Here’s a pro tip: hide the presents inside an old shoebox to avoid suspicion!

best places to hide presents: under the bed!

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The trunk of your car

I bet you haven’t thought of hiding your presents here! But the trunk of your car actually makes a perfect hiding spot. The only time you may need to cover up your treasure trove is if you go grocery shopping with the kids!

In a U-Haul

Okay, so this one might sound extreme. But plenty of people have a U-Haul already, and if you do then using it for some gift storage is no biggie. If you have little ones who are too curious for their own good, then it might be your only option!

In a suitcase

This one is another great piece of misdirection! Most people have at least one suitcase lying around. And there’s nothing unusual about the fact that – more often than not – it just sits there, not getting used. That makes it one of the best places to hide presents.

The laundry hamper

Let’s face it – who would go rooting around in a laundry hamper, expecting to find presents!? It’s just about the last place anyone would look. Be careful though – the last thing you want is for your presents to end smelling like old stinky socks! Some extra layers of protection for your gifts are called for.

In the attic

Another simple but effective hiding place. Considering how infrequently most of us go into an attic – or a basement – it makes a great hideaway for your secret treasure. Just remember to bring a torch with you!

Under the floorboards

If you have wooden floorboards, and there’s a loose one, this could make a great hiding spot. You’ll definitely want to wrap your gifts in some layers here, to make sure they don’t get dusty. And be careful – if you’ve noticed a loose floorboard in the house, then someone else might have too!

In the freezer

Okay, so this one is at best probably only going to be a temporary option. Most gifts probably aren’t going to do well being inside a freezer long term. But in a pinch, it could serve as a good temporary hiding place if your main one is under suspicion!

At someone else’s house

Here’s a neat option. If you’re feeling the heat at home, why not move your presents to a friend or neighbours house!? Most friends won’t mind an extra box or two in their garage – after all, what’s a neighbour for! You can even return the favour for their special occasions too.

Behind the bath panel

This one is absolutely fiendish. Barely anyone would ever think to look behind a bath panel! The house I lived in growing up had a loose panel that you could just pop right out, which made a perfect hiding spot! Make sure the presents are protected though – bathrooms can see a lot of moisture and condensation, and you don’t want your gifts to be ruined!

Ready to hide some gifts!?

Well, that about does it for our list of the best places to hide presents. What’s your favorite place to hide your secret treasure stash? Let us know in the comments!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more treasure-hunting tips, tricks, and fun. Found The Treasure is the only blog out there that’s dedicated to all things treasure-hunting!

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