The 12 Coolest Geocaches In Existence

The 12 Coolest Geocaches In Existence

An increasingly popular hobby, geocaching involves scouring the land looking for hidden treasure. Using GPS or other cutting-edge navigational techniques, intrepid explorers set out on a mission to track down and unveil containers, known as caches or geocaches. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into the mystifying, intriguing world of geocaching to discover the coolest geocaches. 

The most fascinating and beautiful geocache locations

Geocaching is a fabulous pastime, not only because it promises magnificent rewards, but also because it enables you to get out and about and explore some pretty wonderful places. The beauty of geocaching is that you never really know where you’re going to end up or what you’re going to find at the finish line. Here are some most interesting and beguiling locations we’ve heard of:

Deception Island

Coolest Geocaches: Deception Island in Antarctica is home to one of the most remote geocache locations in the world

Not for the faint-hearted or those who are keen to stay close to home, Deception Island is a remote post in Antarctica. Potentially the most cut off and exposed geocaching location in the world, this unique spot can only be reached by breaking the ice to make it to Pendulum Cove. This is the ultimate challenge for adventurous souls looking to flex their geocaching muscles. 

Norfolk Broads

One for lovers of the great outdoors, this picturesque UK location requires individuals to navigate the winding waterways of the broads to rifle through the reed beds to unveil the treasure trove. A tranquil, serene outing awaits those keen to hop in a kayak and enjoy the scenery.

Eiffel Power

Most people flock to the Eiffel Tower when visiting Paris, the city of love. For geocachers, the joy lies not solely in the stunning view and engineering expertise, but also in the proximity of one of France’s most logged geocaches. Located in a tree close to the magnificent landmark, tourists can enjoy geocaching with a view. 

Ojamo Mine, Finland

Widely regarded as one of the most difficult geocaches to get to on the planet, this hidden chest is only accessible by plunging deep into the waters and negotiating The Pearls, a tunnel comprising a network of narrow passageways, and solving a code. 

The most valuable and interesting geocache items

Treasure or trash: that is the question? For geocachers, there’s always that moment of trepidation mixed with excitement when it comes to opening the box and finding out what’s inside. Over the years, there have been some pretty incredible discoveries. Here are some of the most interesting and valuable finds on record:

A goat skull: probably not something that is going to enable you to take early retirement or splash out on the latest supercar, but an interesting find all the same. The goat skull is found in the middle of a lake in Mississippi. 

A gold ring: a tale of reunions and relief, this story relates to a geocaching aficionado who misplaced his gold wedding ring while searching for a box. Three months after he lost his ring, it was returned to him by a fellow geocacher. 

A diamond watch: a geocacher in the US couldn’t believe their luck when they found a gold and diamond-encrusted watch next to a shrouded cache. The lucky explorer contacted the owner to see if she wanted it back, and she said no. Worth around $700, finding the watch made for a profitable day’s digging. 

The coolest, quirkiest geocaches

Geocaching is exhilarating because you never know what is around the corner. One of the best things about devoting time to this hobby is that every outing is unpredictable. Geocaching is all about being imaginative and original, and there are some rather unique and quirky caches out there. Here are some of the coolest examples we’ve come across:

Mingo, Kansas

This is on the cool list purely because it’s the oldest active geocache in the world, and you have to complete the Jasmer grid to gain access. This involves locating a cache, which has been hidden every month since the dawn of geocaching in 2000. You’ll need tenacity, patience, and commitment, but this is a quest many geocachers are determined to cross off the list. 

Fingal’s Cave, Staffa, Scotland

This geocache is awesome because it’s all about celebrating an awe-inspiring location. This is an earthcache, which means that the location itself is the treasure. Picture yourself standing against the carved basalt cave walls adopting a truly Instagram-worthy pose to complete the challenge.

The red punch buggy

To anyone who doesn’t have knowledge of the mysterious world of geocaching, this shell of a red buggy may seem like an odd landmark or an ode to auto manufacturing prowess that has seen better days. To geocachers, the red punch buggy, which is stuffed full of grass and flowers, marks the spot for one of the quirkiest and funkiest geocaches. 

Defuse the bomb, Germany

To some, it may seem like an against-the-clock mission to defuse the bomb and protect the kingdom and its people. To geocachers, BORN, located in Gottingen, is the perfect example of a team pursuit, which requires guile, speed, agility, intelligence, and the ability to work under pressure. Cachers, assemble! To tick off this mission, you’ll need a team of fellow enthusiasts. Gather your buddies together, and work as a unit to solve the puzzle and revel in the glory. 

Abbey Road webcam cache

Music fans should make their way to London’s famous Abbey Road and recreate the Beatles album cover to join the hordes of cachers who have got their mates together to strike a pose on the most iconic zebra crossing in the land. This one is definitely a bit of fun, and it’s a great opportunity to learn about the history of the album and the studios in general. 

Ready to get started!?

Geocaching is a unique hobby, which offers the opportunity to explore incredible places, flex your grey matter, team up with others and make incredible discoveries. Whether you’ve never heard of geocaching before, you’re a highly-motivated beginner, or you’re looking to test your mettle or find new places, why not use this list of the coolest geocaches to inspire your next mission?

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