How To Do a Halloween Treasure Hunt!

How To Do a Halloween Treasure Hunt!

With the festivities of autumn upon us, why not start planning out fun Halloween activities for your kids now? From organizing a visit to a pumpkin farm to baking delicious spooky treats, there are so many inventive ways to keep your kids entertained during the lead up to Halloween.

Among the most popular Halloween activities for kids are treasure hunts. They’re an easy way to spend time with the family, and can be a fantastic activity as part of a last-minute children’s Halloween party! Read on to discover a step-by-step guide to organizing your own treasure hunt for Halloween. Have fun! 

Main points to consider:

To make sure the treasure hunt runs smoothly and is a fun experience for all, you’ll first need to think about:

  • The age of the children: You’ll want to tailor the treasure hunt to the age of the children by ensuring the game is not too easy or difficult. 
  • How long it will take: Younger children may become bored or annoyed if it takes too long to find the prizes. 
  • Food allergies: Make sure to ask for any specific food allergies or preferences for treats from the children’s parents i.e If they don’t like sweets and would prefer to eat chocolate instead. 

1. Plan where to host the treasure hunt 

After planning the logistics of your Halloween treasure hunt, you’ll next need to consider where the fun will take place! If you’ve decided to organize the treasure hunt outside of the home, it’s time to scout out fun locations and plan your route. For example, you could host it in a walkable neighborhood nearby or have everybody who is participating meet at a local park or any other safe outdoor area. Alternatively, with permission from your neighbors and nearby friends or family members, you could start the treasure hunt at your own home and place clues in their homes and gardens. Remember, you’ll have to do this all in secret to prevent any cheating! 

2. Create or print out spooky clues 

If you’ve got the creativity (and time!), you can come up with your own Halloween-themed riddles, or alternatively, you can easily print out some pre-made clues – for example, see the ones I’ve listed below! To save yourself and the kids any confusion, remember to keep all spooky riddle clues in numbered envelopes and make sure that they can’t blow away outside! You may also want to make or print out additional copies in case any clues get lost. Here are some great example clues that you can use:

The night is cold and creatures slink. You’ll find your next clue by the kitchen ________ (answer: kitchen sink)

The night is dark, remember your torch. Your next clue’s found outside on the ________ (answer: the porch)

It’s Halloween, so lets trick or treat. You’ll find your next clue where you put your ________ (answer: feet, so this answer is best hidden inside a shoe!)

It’s Halloween, I just saw a ghost. Your next clue’s found where you make your ________ (answer: toast, so hide the answer by the toaster)

Don’t be afraid of the gathering gloom. Your next clue can be found on a witch’s ________ (answer: broom)

You’ve almost made it through fear and dread. Your prize is found right under your ________ (answer: bed)

To think of some of your own, first of all, decide where you want to hide each clue and prize. Then, try and come up with a clever rhyme or riddle that has the name of the hiding place in it. You can use a website like Rhymezone to help!

3. Determining good hiding places

As mentioned, depending on the age of your treasure hunters, you’ll want to make sure that finding clues is fairly easy and fun. For example, for younger children, try keeping clues in arm’s reach or at eye level such as on kitchen chairs, coffee tables, the edge of a park slide, or at the bottom of a tree. 

For older children or adults participating, you can make the treasure hunt harder by:

  • Turning down the lights
  • Using printed riddles with Halloween props such as placing them underneath witch hats, hiding them in pumpkins, or hanging them from fake spider webs! 
  • Setting a time limit – the person who finds the most prizes wins the grand prize! 
  • Alongside riddles, make clues more ambiguous with anagrams, crosswords, or even coordinates as clues
  • Hide fewer prizes
  • Try a photo only treasure hunt! Make a list of items and give players a set time to find and take pictures of certain Halloween props

4. Pick out prizes 

When it comes to picking out prizes, you can be as creative as you want! Prizes can go beyond just sweets and include the likes of glow sticks and jewelry, small Halloween toys, decorations, or even family-friendly Halloween DVDs or books! To switch things up and make the treasure hunt last longer, you could even add in small random prizes here and there with extra hidden clue cards in harder to find or less thought of places. To help create a sense of inclusion for everybody, you could also provide a goodie bag for everyone who participates in the treasure hunt. 

5. Set safety rules 

For treasure hunts taking place outside, you’ll need to set some safety ground rules for the kids. They’ll need to know to stay with adults at all times, to wait for each other before finding the next clue, and to not run while outside. Setting out safety rules could also include going over stranger danger and reminding the kids of road safety i.e making sure they always know to cross any potential roads with an adult. 

Ready to get started!?

Are you ready to get started with the super fun world of Halloween treasure hunts? Let us know your best spooky clues in the comments! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more treasure-hunting fun!

Image Credit: Pexels, Free to Use License

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